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Sandblast vinyl, also known as frosting, can be used in many ways. It is print receptive, meaning we are able to digitally print images directly to it, or it can be computer cut with detailing. Either positive or negative (window cut). 

It is a very versatile media and can be used for many applications, such as and not limited to, obscurity, branding, privacy, or aesthetics. As it is a neutral colour, it conforms to most CI guidelines for most brands and if not allowed for, is generally a compromise that is allowed for.

Window Cut sandblast vinyl detailing applied to office canteen
Sandblast applied in a computer generated and cut pattern as obscurity to glass office dividers
Funtional aesthetics on a board room.  Sandblast providing privacy as well as a office aesthetics.
Sandblast vinyl being used for privacy, advertising and brand identification
Sandblast vinyl, applied internally, as a neutral, upmarket, obscurity film to a Back of house door
Computer cut sandblast vinyl logos and text applied to office entrance doors

Creating metal signage with a natural patina and natural aged look takes some practice, some understanding of the process, a lot of patience, and many hours of expertise which is something we are proud to say that we have.

Rather than just buying the spray on look, through a chemical process, we are able to age the metal and give it the natural, full textured look and feel that comes with a "weathered" sign. For internal or external use, this brings a new angle and feeling to signage, that was and now is once again.

Laser cut metal text and logo on timber backing
External, wall mounted signage on studs
During the patina process
Ageing the metal